Fathom Lane

Travels Through Sound

Haakon Nelson

Spawned from the vibrant Twin Cities music scene, Fathom Lane have distinguished themselves from their peers with artisanal melodies hewn from a selection of quality materials. Musical influences include Lou Reed, Tom Petty and Gram Parsons, converging to craft stunning works of beauty. Significant air play on stations like The Current (by Minnesota Public Radio) and making the “Best Of” lists for both Minneapolis' and Saint Paul's papers, signifies that their appeal translates across the spectrum of audiences. 

The thoughtfulness that goes into their music is evident to listeners of any stripe. Even watching their video for "Sugardown," in which they are surrounded by the trappings of bygone era kitsch, it is their distinctive sound which most catches your attention. With songs ranging from biting to calm, yet never cloying, the combined vocals of Michael Ferrier and Ashleigh Still intersect, diverge, then unite again to alight somewhere transcendent.

Fathom Lane's sound never settles into any one genre. Bouncing from countrified swing to balladic picking, the band can go through an entire history lesson of popular music in one song. Despite drawing from such a diverse palette, you do not notice the difference in these disparate elements so much as you appreciate that they are different facets of the larger gem.

On December 9, Fathom Lane will again grace the stage of the Root Note in La Crosse for what is certain to be a triumphant display of their myriad talents. In a show that also boasts the impressive work of the band Sleeping Jesus, a person would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Friday evening. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who appreciates the music of a better today, refined in the forge of an impassioned past.

Haakon Nelson  author

Haakon Nelson, a local experimental musician, was born in La Crosse, raised in Winona and returned to La Crosse four years ago. His writing has appeared in Virus! magazine and TheQuietus.com. He is a father of a 13-year-old son and a drinker of much coffee.