Chynna Haas: Rebel-preneur

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Chynna Haas defines a rebel-preneur as a big, creative thinker who is changing the world one vision at a time. This is the mission behind her businesses, Rebellious Healing and 29rebel.

Haas started out working as an integrative nutrition health coach and had no plans to go into life coaching; in fact, you could say she rebelled against it. She wanted to make people feel good and help them lose weight. But while discussing dietary habits with her clients, she found that their issues always synced with something else emotionally charged in their life.

Several of Haas’ clients admitted they were survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, and that is part of Haas’ personal narrative too. “I did not, expressly did not want that to be part of what I did,” she says of her early work, but intuition and life kept nudging her along the way.

Personally, Haas has run the gamut of seeking tools, people and practices to help deal with her own trauma. She has done all the things her clients do, too. “I had been sexually assaulted, and it was over a year before I dealt with it. I was just coping with everything. I was eating, I was drinking, I was trying not to deal with the situation. And I went through a stage where I was very depressed. Literally, it became waking up every day and saying, ‘Ok, I’m going to make it through today.’”

She eventually found her healing space through a variety of therapies: working with a life coach, keeping a wellness journal, reaching out for spiritual guidance, and trusting in her own intuition. What came out of that journey was Haas’ resolve to make a difference in some way. “Whatever I had to do for people who were at that same place where I was, I wanted them to know they have resources, they have options, they have a space that I can hold so they don’t feel alone anymore.”

In May 2015, Haas launched Rebellious Healing, a three-month program designed to help anyone dealing with trauma, be it getting out of an abusive relationship, a bad breakup, a dead end job, or difficult family relationships. Haas works as an intuitive health and healing coach, offering one-on-one coaching and workshops, and she hopes to include retreats in 2017.

“When I do my workshops,” says Haas, “maybe my clients feel at a low, but they’re able to come into a room where there are five other women that have also been through some stuff and don’t feel really good. For them to know it’s not just them going through it, that might be the reason they get up tomorrow. You never know what that moment is going to be for somebody, and I think—especially when it comes from something dark like assault, violence or grief—shedding light on it or talking about it in public shows them a flesh-and-bone person that survived and now they can get there, too.”

Haas doesn’t do all the work alone, either. “As a coach, I love to work best when I’m holistically part of your wellness team. You might have a doctor, you might have a therapist, you might have an acupuncturist. If you don’t, I might recommend that you get some of those people in your life. A coach is like your running buddy. I’m here to hold hands, create space, and help you with accountability, breaking down things you want to learn and making them manageable.”

It’s clear that giving back is part of Haas’ nature. Her other business, 29rebel, launched in October of this year, and its where she puts her expertise of marketing, business and strategy to use. With 29rebel, Haas teaches others how to be rebel-preneurs themselves. Through a mix of business coaching, boot camps, live events and retreats, Haas empowers others to rebel, and make the business of their dreams a reality. “We get to build the world that we want and need.”

For those like Haas, who are unhappy with conventional business models or sense that the world needs change or needs more vision, she includes intuition and sisterhood into her business plans. “We talk about energy and intuition in the same breath as sales funnels and ROI. We have dance breaks. We celebrate your success (usually with glitter). Summary: This is business strategy like you've never seen it before!”

For 2017, she’s facilitating some free workshops in the community and online, so wherever you are in the entrepreneurial world, whether just starting or a seasoned business owner, there’ll be lots to chat about. Haas wants her businesses, and your own, to feel different. She desires business like you’ve never seen it before, creating a space where business owners, primarily women-powered businesses, are intentionally cultivating sisterhood and working in collaboration instead of competition.  And that’s what makes her a rebel-preneur.

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