Blue Moon Restaurant

A Food Review

Lee Neves, photos by Lee Neves

We have so many dining options featuring breakfast in our region. One of these options is a longtime favorite, Blue Moon Restaurant, sitting atop a bluff overlooking Highway 35, the beauty of Lake Onalaska, and the city of Onalaska’s symbol formed in sculpture, Sunny the Sunfish.    

I’ve been to Blue Moon Restaurant before and knew I would have plenty of room to park. Even on evenings when the location turns into a nightlife hotspot, there is still ample parking street-side in addition to their large parking lot. There are two dining lounges, a bar room that feels more like a sports lounge with TVs and fun memorabilia, and an outdoor dining deck. They also feature a lower level for private parties and functions. Of the wooden booth and table options, I opted for a booth in the back lounge. The Americana décor of everything from framed photographs from Onalaska’s logging days to moon-themed wall hangings and country-inspired metal stars suggests that their food has homemade goodness. One delightful sign read, “Live by the Sun—Love by the Moon.” In the background, a classic rock station played, appealing to a family setting.    

Of the several traditional breakfast choices including pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, hash, and more, I ordered a Blue Moon Waffle with blueberries, a side of fresh fruit, and two scrambled eggs. The waffle was sprinkled with powdered sugar and sported a scoop of butter. The texture was thick and hearty with a sweet and buttery flavor (even without the butter). The blueberries added a bit of zing to the waffle. The eggs weren’t overly fluffy and had a strong buttery flavor, too. The fresh fruit was a mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and red grapes. One great thing about Blue Moon Restaurant is that they always deliver great-tasting food that you could swear was homemade. I’ll continue to include them in my local breakfast rotation.