Meet SEVEN: Jason Keeney, Graphic Designer

Introducing you to the people bringing SEVEN to you each month.

Sara Walters

Jason with his three daughters Meila, Sylvie and Emmerson (and Stella the Boston Terrier). Photo: Contributed.
Jason with his three daughters Meila, Sylvie and Emmerson (and Stella the Boston Terrier). Photo: Contributed.

If you’ve ever marveled at the artistic appeal of SEVEN, you’ve seen the work of Jason Keeney. Serving as the magazine’s graphic designer, Keeney’s layouts, ads and visual elements grace all of the publication’s pages.

Keeney is one of the magazine’s original contributors, teaming up with publisher Michelle Jerome in 2015 to set the groundwork for the design. As a freelance graphic designer, Keeney also has a number of local and national clients. His business, Gear13 Creative, offers a variety of graphic design work.

The creative freedom that SEVEN provides drew Keeney to the project. “SEVEN pretty much lets me run with creative ideas for the elements and layout we use in the publication. This makes each issue a little more personal to me, and it’s rad to see people enjoying the publication I helped bring to life,” he says. “We try to keep it clean with creative breakouts here and there and utilize images as much as possible. I love our use of large images. The weight they hold without any explanation is intriguing to me.”

He also likes getting a sneak peek into the content before it goes to print. “There are so many exciting things about our community that I was unaware of prior to working with SEVEN. It’s exciting to learn more about how awesome our community really is,” he says.

When he’s not managing the look and feel of the magazine, he’s trying to manage his family’s hectic schedule. “Outside of work, it’s family first,” he says. “I’m married to an amazing woman and have three daughters that I’m super proud of.” Their house gets a bit crazy with work, sports, school and a foster dog, but Keeney and family do their best to make time for laughter in the midst of the chaos. When they get some downtime, they like to head outside to hike, bike or go to the park.

Keeney also enjoys Hixon Forest. He recalls when his dad first took him there and the enjoyment it gave him. “I’ve been roaming those trails ever since,” he says. And if he’s not seeking out the calm of Hixon, he’ll be sneaking in some snowboarding or disc golfing.

Despite the sometimes-hectic life he leads, it’s clear that Keeney found the right path both at SEVEN and in his career. “I’m truly blessed to be doing what I enjoy.”

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