Margaret Butler’s True Color is GGOOLLDD

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Rylee Hedberg, photos by Adam Nantz


One could say that Margaret Butler is two different people. Or at least one body incorporating two different personalities. The frontwoman of the Milwaukee electronic-pop band GGOOLLDD is unlike most musicians—or even most people. “I don’t think I could just jump on stage like most musicians do,” says Butler of her pre-show rituals that include glam, glitter and a whole lot of gold. “That’s the part of the performance that I really love, the presentation.”

Performing wasn’t always at the forefront of Butler’s life, or even on the backburner. Originally, she went to school to study jewelry making and fashion design. Butler’s sights were set on a path that would untangle her from her roots. “The day I graduated, I didn’t go to the ceremony and instead stayed home to pack my U-Haul and move to Portland.” Various constraints from her family made her feel suffocated. “Their standards were not me at all,” Butler explains.

Her past had set the table for the beginnings of Butler’s new and most successful project thus far, GGOOLLDD. Although, she says, “As far as being successful, I don’t know what that is. I live in a van and I’m excited about it.”

With Halloween her favorite holiday, it makes sense that the band was brought together solely to throw a party for their friends—as well as an excuse to sport their extraordinary outfits. “That first show took a lot of whiskey. It was my first time singing into a microphone,” Butler says, grinning. While on stage, Butler felt another version of herself breaking though, as she feels during most shows even today. “Performing music is very internal. It’s just something that comes out of you. I think that it’s something that can’t be taught.”

GGOOLLDD’s latest EP, “Teeth,” will be released on December 1, and it has a grittier feel than some of their earlier, more pop sound. “I still love pop, but I wanted to write something with a little more rock style,” Butler says. The album artwork for “Teeth” features a band member’s young nephew. “I showed up with a box of my clothes to the shoot and let him pick out whatever he wanted to wear. I promised him that if he let me do his makeup, he could do mine. I walked around wearing his makeup job for hours,” Butler says, laughing.

Butler’s life motto is all about letting one’s true colors bleed out everywhere and every day. “I think I’m always trying to portray the same message: Be who you want to be, be you, and if someone else doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”

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