A Teen Press Conversation with Margaret Butler of GGOOLLDD

Part 2 of a Joint Interview

Lillian Whetstone, Zane Al-Saeed, photos by Shantia Smith

Lillian Whetstone (left) and Zane Al-Saeed (right) of Teen Press, Riley Hedberg (background) with Margaret Butler (center) of GGOOLLDD. Photo by Shantia Smith.

Lillian Whetstone (left) and Zane Al-Saeed (right) of Teen Press, Riley Hedberg (background) with Margaret Butler (center) of GGOOLLDD. Photo by Shantia Smith.

Teen Press is a project of Riverway Learning Community and Cotter High School in Winona, in conjunction with Mid West Music Fest and their Sounds Like School initiative. Students do every aspect of the interview process, without teachers or other adults present. It is their own project, and it is inspiring.  

The following is an excerpt from a longer interview with Margaret Butler of GGOOLLDD. For the full interview, visit midwestmusicfest.org. And check out the band’s website for info about their new EP, “Teeth,” released December 1: ggoolldd.bandcamp.com.

Teen Press: I noticed that today you are playing a smaller venue. Would you prefer to play in front of a small group of people or play a big show with a couple thousand people?

Margaret Butler: Well, I don't think it matters as long as the room is full. It’s going to be the same experience. Because the depth of people around is what's important, like the people in front of you dancing, and you can only see like the first 30 or 40 people in front of you either way. And the look on their faces is what makes your show a good show or a bad show. But as far as playing to 1,000 people versus 50 people, if the room is full and the people are just as excited to be there, that’s what makes a great show.  

TEETH by GGOOLLDD - Newly Released Album
TEETH by GGOOLLDD - Newly Released Album

TP: Does your success surprise you? If your past self saw you now, how do you think she would feel?

MB: I think she would be pretty surprised at what I chose to do or how I even got here, you know what I mean? Like I said, I didn't start with this. I never intended on being in a band. I just wanted to throw a Halloween party. 

So, I wrote some songs with a DJ friend, and we just threw a Halloween party, and people just kept on asking us to do stuff, and so we were just like, “Okay.” So yeah, I would be very surprised that I ended up being in this position in the first place, honestly. But as far as being successful, I don’t know what that is. I’m happy, I think I’m doing okay.  

TP: Do you dress the same in daily life like you do on stage?

MB: Depends on the day. I mean, if I do go out in sweatpants, I make sure they’re sweatpants that can be worn with heels. I always have to be ready to glam up. Like I said, dressing up is such a process for me because when I dress up, it makes me feel more stage-ready. I wouldn't say I dress as fancy as I do on stage with all the glitter, but I'm always wearing things like exaggerated heels and a fur jacket. It’s always as eccentric, I wouldn’t say it’s as glam though.

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