January 2018 Intro

Ocooch Mountain Music Review

Parker Forsell

A highlight for this issue is the feature on Peter Jesperson, a storied behind-the-scenes icon of the Minneapolis music scene during the 1980s. Largely credited with discovering and breaking the fabled rock band The Replacements, he was also manager of the Oar Folkjokeopus record store and founder of the indie label Twin/Tone Records. It is also exciting to present the poetry of my biz partner Peter Engen in this issue. I have been watching his trajectory and helping critique his work for over 20 years.

Parker Forsell
Parker Forsell

You can also learn about the Latsch Sessions (held during the Boats and Bluegrass Festival) through the lens of two of the Midwest’s more well-known folk-bluegrass performers, Sarah Voswinkle and Adam Greuel of Rucksack Revolution, and catch up on formerly local hip-hop duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

January 2018 Monthly Quote: “Northerners think abstract. When it’s cold, you don’t fret because you know it’s going to be warm again...and when it’s warm, you don’t worry about that either because you know it’ll be cold eventually.” – Bob Dylan

From “The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History,” by Jim Walsh (2009)

Occoch Mountain Music Cover Graphic: Cody Bartz is a local graphic artist who has designed the logo for Ocooch Mountain Music and much of the artwork for Mid West Music Fest over the past three years. The cover image, titled “Peek,” is a take on one of the prints from his recent show held at Gallery M. Bartz’s artwork prints are available at Gallery M, 33 South Walnut St., La Crescent, Minn.

Parker Forsell  author

Parker Forsell is the Managing Director of the four-day, 11-stage, 400+ musician Mid West Music Fest and founder of Ocooch Mountain Music. Since 1992, Forsell has been organizing events, music performances and grassroots community networks of consumers, farmers and musicians. He has been a…