Meet SEVEN: Wendy Allen, Copy Editor

Sara Walters

Wendy Allen exploring Colorado. Photo Contributed.
Wendy Allen exploring Colorado. Photo Contributed.

Long before SEVEN goes to print, Wendy Allen goes to work. As the magazine’s copy editor, Allen is the grammar queen, the style coach, the self-proclaimed comma wrestler. She polishes all pieces before they hit the streets. 

Some would dread this kind of work, but Allen loves it. “I enjoy nerding out on grammar and even read style guides for fun,” she says. When she’s not working her day job at a local organic food company, she freelances for SEVEN as well as for several other clients, dedicating her limited free time to those striving to make a difference.

SEVEN, with its stories of good works and awesome locals, fell into this category. Allen became connected with publisher Michelle Jerome at a different publication and joined the SEVEN team in 2016. Perks of the job include learning about all the interesting things happening in the region and getting some good wine and beer ideas. “I actually enjoy copy editing, so it’s fun while also being a job,” she adds.

Outside of work, which consumes much of her time, Allen likes a good audiobook, especially while commuting, walking the dog and doing household chores. She’s also been perfecting her green thumb. “I garden with sporadic success and do my best to preserve everything I grow,” she says. Travel is a favorite, too. “I adore planning trips and always need to have something to look forward to, whether it's a cabin weekend or an overseas trip.” Professionally, Allen also dedicates time to leading a couple writing workshops at conferences each year.

Allen developed her interest in the English language as a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She now lives outside the city limits, but likes to make the trip to visit her old stomping grounds. “When I come to town, I always get a fancy coffee at Moka, and the Bodega has been a staple for me for years—the great variety, the bartenders, the low-key vibe.” Allen also enjoys walking along the Mississippi River and misses living near Hixon Forest.

She stays current on the local happenings though, mostly due to SEVEN. “I always enjoy the stories about the good works local people are doing in our community and staying up on the new and interesting businesses,” she says. “It's funny though: Because I read every story two or three times by the time the magazine goes to print, I never need to pick up the actual magazine.” So is the life of a copy editor.

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