Tammy Zee

A Lifelong Passion for Wellness

Sara Walters, photos by Bob Good

Photo: Lee Neves.
Photo: Lee Neves.

If you’ve ever attended one of Tammy Zee’s classes, you probably already know that she loves fitness. Zee, owner of Tammy Z’s Yoga Studio, embodies exactly what it means to be passionate about your work.

Passion has guided her journey from Jazzercise teacher to college instructor to business owner. Her investment in health and wellness has been paved by a need for knowledge and a quest to keep doing what she loves. “I think when you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t matter. You’ll find a way,” said Zee.

This started for her as a young child, when her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis sparked an interest in the health. “They said it happened to my mom because she wasn’t healthy. So, I said to myself, ‘I will be a health professional,’” shared Zee.
From there, the aerobics craze of the 1980s introduced her to teaching. When a woman in her class encouraged her to use her passion to further her education, Zee decided to enroll at UW-La Crosse as an undergraduate. At one point, she was working as the group fitness director at both UW-L and Valley View Fitness and Racquet Club. Nothing could slow her down, not even a 75-mile commute or the added responsibility of schoolwork. To keep up her position on campus, Zee eventually had to make a decision about staying enrolled. “I never thought I would get my Master’s, I really didn’t. I was just an average student,” confessed Zee. But because she was enthusiastic about her role at UW-L, she went for it.

Zee continued to learn every fitness trend she could by attending seminars and workshops. “I felt passionate about getting more education. A real thirst for knowledge,” Zee explained. She earned her Master’s in Exercise Sports Science - Human Performance and had an opportunity to teach college courses. This experience helped solidify her passion for not only participating in fitness, but teaching fitness. “I really found a passion in teaching others how to teach. I started loving the learning process,” she said. And learn she did. When fitness shifted toward yoga, so did Zee. She continued to teach herself the practice and studied with skilled mentors. Then the space that is now her yoga studio became available and she once again let her passion drive her – all the way to business ownership.

Now Zee, who recently finished her 500-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) training, lives her dream of educating others about her passion. She runs an accredited yoga school that helps students achieve their 200-hour RYT training, and new for summer 2018, the 500-hour training. Because “as far as yoga goes, you’re always a student,” Zee continues to learn and grow, adding the title of Certified Yoga Therapist to her list of accomplishments, as well.

Passion for Zee doesn’t stop when the workday is done. She loves being with her family and dogs, watching the Green Bay Packers, visiting Door County and hiking. “I think you have to find balance, just like yoga. I like to be present with my family and make sure we’re in the moment,” she shared.
Always a student, Zee is still learning this balance. But, one thing is for sure, the fervor has not subsided. “I’m still thirsty for more knowledge and passionate,” she said. “I love fitness and wellness so much.”


432 Cass St, La Crosse, Wis.

(608) 386-1217

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