Young Music Collective Takes Form

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Treedome is an up-and-coming multimedia entertainment production company based in Winona, Minn. Founded by a group of friends in May 2016, Treedome started with the goal of giving regional artists a platform to form their work and materialize their creative visions. Whether it’s recording an album, creating graphics and cover art, shooting a music video, or booking shows and tours, Treedome provides the Seven Rivers Region community of artists a place to see their work come to fruition.

The members of Treedome are all artists in their own right, and they understand the hardships and triumphs that come with being an artist. The company’s identity hinges on collaboration, outreach, and dedication to creating and providing quality service and content.
Almost two years ago Ben Strand, local poet, performer, and Black Sheep Poetry founder, reached out to videographer Nathanial Nelson to inquire about video recording of Black Sheep Poetry events. That initial partnership led to new relationships as other local artists sought assistance with their projects, such as Afflatus and Tabby looking to shoot music videos, and Karate Chop, and Silence looking to record their debut album.

In September 2016, Sam Brown, founder of Mid West Music Fest, offered the space in back of Mid West Music Store to call home and create a studio. Around the same time, Winona State University Foundation started a grant competition called the Warriors INNOVATE Challenge, where college students with business ideas could enter and compete to win a share of $10,000.

Treedome entered and was chosen as one of the two winners in the spring of 2017, giving the company reinforcement that their vision has a place in the community. Since winning the grant competition, Treedome has continued to develop their vision, mission, outreach, and collaboration within the community.

They moved into a new space previously occupied by Ocooch’s curiosity shop in downtown Winona, giving them a storefront and larger space to work in.
Treedome’s ultimate goal is to continue growing and collaborating with an already prosperous creative community. Motivated by positive feedback from peers and strangers alike, Treedome hopes to help solidify the Seven Rivers Region as a staple for arts and entertainment activities.


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