Issue #17 November 2016

Matthew Hefti on War and Writing

Guest Author Visits La Crosse for NaNoWriMo

Jess Witkins

Matthew J. Hefti is a veteran with 12 years of service as an explosive ordnance disposal technician. He is also the author of “A Hard and Heavy Thing,” a novel depicting the lives of two soldiers after their service has ended.

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Issue #16 October 2016

Dimitar Dzikov

Building a Home Away From Home

Jess Witkins

Dimitar Dzikov first came to the United States in 1999 as a 15-year-old starting his freshman year of high school. Now, Dzikov has completed his college education, received his MBA, got a green card, found a job, and became a U.S. citizen in 2015.

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Issue #16 October 2016

Think Global, Act Local

Global Initiatives Week 2016

Casey Kulinski

You may not realize it, but our community has a greater global connection than you think. Global Initiatives Week encourages individuals and organizations to become a community with a deep sense of global responsibility and engagement.

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Issue #16 October 2016

Blair Witch

A Film Review

Jess Witkins, Todd Wohlert

In 1999, “The Blair Witch Project” hit theaters and startled audiences. Seventeen years later, the legend continues. So we sent Witkins and Wohlert to the movies.

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Issue #15 September 2016

Smaczne Jablka

Polish Cultural Institute Readies for Apple Fest Celebration

article and photos by by Jess Witkins

One of the biggest Polish parties in the Seven Rivers Region takes place the first Sunday in October. It’s called Smaczne Jablka, pronounced smatch-nay ya-bool-kah—or as they advertise it, Apple Fest.

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Issue #15 September 2016

Films By Bike

Frozen River Film Festival Teams up with Beer By Bike Brigade

photos by Bob Good

The Frozen River Film Festival is partnering with the Beer By Bike Brigade to bring a free mini film festival to La Crosse on September 10. Adventure sports fans and bike enthusiasts should bring their bicycles to Riverside Park’s International Gardens.

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Issue #14 August 2016


Coming to the Page Theater

Deborah Nerud, photos by Jeremy Daniel

Covering everything from 10th century Gregorian chant to barber shop quartet to The Beatles, the talented ensemble of “Vocalosity” singers are the voice, the instruments and the movement for this high-energy show.

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Issue #14 August 2016

Over the Back Fence

article and photos by by Adam Wiltgen

Taking place at the historic St. Mane Theatre on the second Friday of the month (March through November), each show features a different theme and new material. "Upside Down & Inside Out," the theme for August 12, will show up in creative and unexpected ways in that evening's music skits, jokes, trivia, poems and sing-alongs.

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Issue #13 July 2016

For the Love of Iron

The Coulee Antique Engine Club

article and photos by by Clay Riness

The Coulee Antique Engine Club started small, with just a few folks getting together to share their love of old farm machinery and antique hit-and-miss engines.

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