Issue #18 December 2016

Everyone's Welcome at Oma

Jess Witkins, photos by Lee Neves

“We were thinking of names for the shop one day and how we could honor mom,” Sage says. “We looked up the German word for grandma, which is oma, and we all just got chills. I hope that the warmth she made us all feel lives in this place."

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Issue #16 October 2016

Chris Walters

A Day in the Life

photos by Bob Good

If the American dream is being a happily married dad or mom raising two or three kids while leading a successful multi-million-dollar business, then Chris Walters is living it—and the 18-hour days that come with it.

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Issue #15 September 2016

Nelson Agri-Center

Six Decades of Growth and Success

article and photos by by Clay Riness

Most towns have a business or two that has celebrated decades of anniversaries, even throughout changing times. So it is with Nelson Agri-Center, an enduring and multi-faceted Viroqua business, and its base of loyal customers.

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Issue #12 June 2016

Kickapoo Valley Ranch & Cowboy David's Cookies

Now that we have your attention...

Deborah Nerud, photos by Dahli Durley

What began from David’s family cookie recipe has expanded into a subsidiary business. Cowboy David’s Cookies and Cakes has been an integral part of the Kickapoo Valley Ranch since 2003, when baskets of cookies were left for guests to enjoy upon their arrival.

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Issue #12 June 2016

Ryan on the River

Bringing Driftless Adventure Company to Life

Joerg Droll, photos by Jamie Cooper

“My favorite tours are the backwater tours, when we can sneak around the turns and discover some pretty amazing wildlife." ~ Ryan Johnson

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Issue #11 May 2016

WeeSwim Academy

Year-Round Swim Lessons Focus on Fun and Safety

Samantha Loomis, photos by Trevor Sweeney

Although the business has only been operational since January 2016, the WeeSwim Academy has hit the community like a tidal wave.

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Issue #11 May 2016

Escape Rooms

Get Locked In With La Crosse’s Newest Attraction

Deborah Nerud, photos by Bob Good

You’re locked in a strange room with seven other people. You have 60 minutes. Everything you need to escape is hidden within the room. Will you make it in time?

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Issue #10 April 2016

The Oaks Wine Bar

Now Open in Winona

Deborah Nerud, photos by Bob Good

“We really wanted to create a place where people can relax, talk with each other and just enjoy the space with a glass of wine—a place where we would want to hang out."

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