Issue #19 January 2017

Taking Action, Fostering Empowerment

Community Organizer Shaundel Spivey

Jess Witkins, photos by Dahli Durley

“I think a lot of my strength and perseverance comes from my ancestral lineage,” says Shaundel Spivey. “Hearing about so many Black leaders before me that paved the way for other folks, there’s that ancestral lineage that creates a sense of pride and a thirst, so to speak."

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Issue #16 October 2016

Tribute to Outstanding Women

Jess Witkins, photos by Jordana Snyder Photography

Every fall, YWCA La Crosse hosts the Tribute to Outstanding Women. The honorees are nominated for their high level of both personal and professional accomplishments as well as how they positively give back to the Coulee Region.

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Issue #16 October 2016

Connecting the Driftless

The Driftless Area. It’s a feeling of hominess and comfort, like tendrils of steam rising from a mug on a crisp October morning intertwined with the aroma of burning hickory and the crunch of a kaleidoscope of leaves underfoot.

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Issue #14 August 2016

Life Goes On

VMH Transplant Support Group

article and photos by by Clay Riness

Providing emotional, intellectual and financial support for patients and their families, Vernon County Memorial Hospital's transplant support group hosts upcoming fundraiser/walk.

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Issue #14 August 2016

Changing Lives and Living Epically

Global Groundwork Offers Unique Way to Help a Community

Jess Witkins

“The point is not to go in and say this is what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it. They know what designs and materials will hold up under the Haitian sun. They know what their greatest needs are. For this to work, they have to be able to carry on within their own culture,” ~ Mitch Lown

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Issue #13 July 2016

Ready, Set, Sail!

Racing with the LaCrosse Lasers

Deborah Nerud, photos by Jamie Cooper

When asked to describe Laser Olympic class racing, Mark Kastel put it simply: “It’s one part chess game, one part acrobatics, and one part athletic competition.”

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Issue #12 June 2016

Kim Hammer

Merging Art and Spirituality

Jess Witkins, photos by Dahli Durley

“We become like a toddler again when we’re traveling. It helps us see the world in a broader way when we’re exploring." ~ Kim Hammer

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Issue #11 May 2016

Ladles of Love

Sparta Student Starts Soup Kitchen

Leah Call, Lee Neves

Laney Sullivan founded Ladles of Love, a meal site where elderly, homeless and other community members can come for sustenance and socialization.

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Issue #10 April 2016

Cathy Fox

A Day in the Life

photos by Dahli Durley

Cathy Fox enjoys a flexible schedule, no one to limit her income and no one to tell her she has to move out of town in order to move up. Most of all, she likes finding meaning in her work.

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Issue #10 April 2016

Ground Breaking

The La Crosse YMCA Food Forest Digs In

Haakon Nelson, photos by Dahli Durley

The La Crosse YMCA broke ground on the Community Food Forest project, an effort they hope will not only allow people to work together for a common good, but will also help to rehabilitate the surrounding ecosystem.

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