Treedome Presents: Anthony Worden, Genevieve Heyward, and Rogue the Wolf

It's easy to compare the tunes to Lou Reed: Worden syncopates his lyrics in the colloquial vein of Reed. But where Reed lacked in tone and range, Worden effortlessly croons. His songs strut in familiar rock n roll structures, a la The Rolling Stones or Ziggy-era David Bowie; they coalesce further the atmospheres found in the psychedelic ambles of Spacemen 3 with Mac Demarco's jangly, slinky guitar work. Anthony Worden's music in not beholden to a time or place. Adept at both guitar and piano, Genevieve writes the songs she sings, songs firmly rooted in the contemporary, with faint hints of tendrils running deep toward the influence of old footsteps. She’s as comfortable with Tin Pan Alley as she is today’s teen pop, and tells you with a voice built to bewilder – equal parts soft and smoky, and smooth as fresh Wisconsin butter. It’s a warm and natural sound, absent of pretension and imbued with an honesty that affirms the beneficent nature of her music. Rogue the Wolf are a midwestern rock band based in Winona, MN. Best described as melodic grunge sound!


Thu. Feb. 22 8pm

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Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages

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